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I love to speak to audiences about writing, life and love. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a group looking for a speaker. Bet you can’t guess which talk is my most often requested! (It has an * beside it)

You can hear the keynote address I delivered at the annual Romance Writers of America conference in July 2013. The audience of 2,000 were authors, publishers and writers. My speech was geared toward authors but both my address and Kristin Higgins’s keynote shared our passion for this vibrant genre we all love so much. Enjoy! http://www.rwa.org/p/bl/et/blogid=20&blogaid=512


Writing and Life

So, You Want to Write a Book

Covers all the questions you have about publishing

What’s on the Bookshelves that You Can’t Wait to Read

An update on current and classic books you won’t want to miss. Can cover fiction, non-fiction, children’s and everything in between. Books discussed can also be made available for your group to purchase after the talk.

How to Write a Bestseller—And What You Should Know Before You Try

The five hallmarks of a compelling read.

Relationships and Life

The Ten Most Romantic Things a Man Can Do for a Woman

Why you should value the people you love in your life.

Three Things I Want You to Know About Being a Success

We don’t succeed by accident. Here are some steps that will help move you to where you want to go.

What We Do for Love . . .Reflections on Books, Writing, and Life

Yes, love is important, and there is more to it than you can imagine.

The Three Things Men Want and the Four Things Women Need

It’s biology, or is it? I’ll report and you decide!

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