In Praise of Younger Men

Publisher: Avon
March 2001 | Anthology
ISBN-10: 0451203801
ISBN-13: 978-0451203809

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What is the invigorating appeal of the younger man? Is it his boyish charm, his enthusiasm for life? His appreciation of a woman’s experience, and his eagerness to learn more? Or perhaps it’s his vigor, his unending appetite, and his willingness to please. In this scintillating quartet of stories by four of today’s most popular romance writers, the answers are discovered in a younger man’s embrace…in tender promises of pleasure whispered behind closed doors…in the hunger of his deep, soft, candlelight kisses…and in his ability to reawaken in his lover the joyous simplicity of a past innocence.

Cathy Maxwell’s “A Man Who Can Dance” introduces readers to Graham McNab, a man standing on the cusp of achieving his lifelong dream of becoming a physician. However, fate intervenes in the form of woman–a gorgeous, flaxen-haired woman. Graham will do anything to make the vision his own, even if it means entering into a bet with his nasty cousin Blair. To win the bet, Graham must rely on his best friend, governess Sarah Ambrose to teach the untutored doctor to dance, in spite of his two left feet. Close proximity and the rhythm of the dance emulate the rhythm of love for Sarah and Graham. Will they become partners for life?

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"The Books You Love To Read. Three time winner of the Historical Love and Laughter award" - Cathy Maxwell