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Book Clubs! Laura Lee Guhrke

Hello my wonderful readers! I have a recommendation for your next Romance Book Club meeting: THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE AND DUKES by Laura Lee Guhrke. Her book NO MISTRESS OF MINE is a 2017 Rita Finalist with Romance Writers of America. So there you have it, I’m not recommending just any writer. Plus, THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE AND DUKES is …

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Good bye, Beautiful Richmond/Get Ready, Austin!


I’m moving from Richmond and to be honest, I’m a bit surprised I am. I love it here. I raised my children in this city. I’ve established myself and had a grand doing it.   I adore my house.   Of course, I knew that someday I’d move. The kids are no longer here. I’m pragmatic. The time would come when …

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Advice on Author Readings? Go!

It isn’t unusual for authors of other genres to read their work at book signings. However, in Romance, we haven’t done it that often until Hope Tarr, Maya Rodale, and others started Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC. Now there are a host of Romance genre reading programs, many using the “Lady Jane” in the title, around the country. The first …

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What to Say to a Veteran

This was first published on November 12, 2012.  It is currently being used by the Palliative Care Unit of Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital on their certificates honoring the service of their patients: Thank you for stepping forward when others step back. Thank you for placing yourself between us and danger. Thank you for delaying plans for college, marriage, and …

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Busy, Busy

          I’m busy.   I’m writing plus preparing to head out for Avon Books’ first KissCon in San Rafael, CA.  The second will be the next day in Seattle, WA. But let’s face it, all of us are always busy.  Living a full life calls for connection with friends and family, with our hobbies and communities. Though sometimes …

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Five Things About Life I have Learned Writing Romance Novels


           I need to be around readers, especially those who love the Romance genre as much as I do. It is easy to trivialize what I do. Reading for pleasure in a world full of problems? Ha!             But then I connect with readers who value feeding the imagination, who believe reading makes their individual worlds …

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Veterans Keep Giving, Long After the Uniform is Retired

This was first published on 11/11/2014  Veterans keep giving, long after the uniform is retired: We represent every economic class in this country, every culture, and every race. We are teachers, accountants, police officers, and administrators. We serve as nurses, doctors, firefighters, lawyers, mechanics, electricians, barbers and hairdressers, therapists and technicians in every shape and form. We own small …

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Och! Ghosties and Ghoulies!


When my writer friends I went to Scotland, we spent the week in a cottage that was charming, and haunted.             Not all of us heard or saw the ghost.  Two did.  We thought they were whacky.  After all, the group as a whole makes up stuff for a living.  Why wouldn’t two of us be guilty of creating ghosts? Actually, …

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I Heart Book Signings!

I used to avoid book signings until I learned how fun they were with readers ready to have a good time.  Now I am a Reader Fan! (In Houston, TX with the wonderful Tessa Dare and the folks at Katy Budget Books)

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Thank You, Lisa Loopner–and All Nerd Girls Everywhere

Dear Lisa Loopner— Thank you for being a nerd.  Thank you for being earnest and naïve and corny.  Thank you for letting your glasses slide down your nose, and punching ‘em up with one finger when  you say to Todd, “That was so funny, I forgot to laugh.” Thank you for wanting to please your mother and for performing  even …

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