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Trademark Me: Be Love


Some people go for tattoos; others for significant jewelry—and use them to create symbols that define their lives. I’ve done one of the two. I’ll let you decide which.   However, recently, I found myself mulling over the idea of a definitive statement for me. What truly defined me? What principle has guided everything I have done in my life, …

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A Woman in Bed

For the February 13th issue of my regional paper, the reporter and photo editor suggested highlighting my interview with a portrait “similar to, but not exactly like, a book cover . . . lounging on your bed with your books scattered around you, a rose and some chocolates.” My response was short and to the point, a response I then, …

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Romance Novels by the Numbers

Horse enthusiast and best-selling romance writer Cathy Maxwell dishes about her craft in the company of one of her four-legged friends. Video by Penelope M. Carrington/TImes-Dispatch. She wheeled her car into the steep, narrow driveway, clutched the gearshift and eased it forward into park. She turned off the engine, let out a breath and relaxed for a moment, letting the …

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"The Books You Love To Read. Three time winner of the Historical Love and Laughter award" - Cathy Maxwell