Empowering The Writer!

Three Lessons I Learned from My Dad, Doc Wollen


#1 Community matters. Instead of the handout generation, my dad was raised as part of the “let me give a hand” generation. Back in his day, his hometown Garnett might as well have been light years from Kansas City. If things were going to get done, it was up to the community to make it happen and folks took care …

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Best Of Intentions


I just purchased new pans. Tuesday Morning was having a sale. I did some research, picked them up for a good price, and—hoo boy. Now that I have pans, I MUST cook, right? Or am I once more being caught up in my best intentions? This is a dangerous question for me. I have more visions of what I want …

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A Grand Adventure for Readers–Australia!

When a paperback novel that would go for $8 in the US is sold for twice and often three times that amount in Australia, you know Aussie romance readers are a dedicated bunch. But my respect for these readers is based on more than a desire to push books. I’d met many of them at conferences for the Romance genre …

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A Guy Reads His First Romance–A Review of LYON'S BRIDE


So my mom died Monday, December 17th. No, wait, this review gets better. Really. My wife and I own hundreds of books. We read voraciously. I have, easily, a dozen books on my nightstand that I am in various stages of reading. I enjoy biographies, sci-fi, epic fantasy, crime drama, literature, just about anything well-written. And so while in the initial …

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The Three Most Important Elements to a Successful Story

  And, no, I am not going to say “character, character, character,” although character is one of them.  Compelling characters—people we feel we must understand—can send a mediocre plot into the stratosphere.  A fascinating character, one with depth and true complexities, can drive me into a story and I’ll never let go until the last word. The second element?  A …

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Taking Action to Your Dreams

 “Faith without action is only hope.” There is a quote to hit you right between the eyes.  A friend said it to me the other night and since then I’ve been turning the implications of his words around in my mind. Almost every day someone will tell me he or she wants to write.  They hope to publish a book. …

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A Writer’s Imagination


What is it?  Something few people have.  You think everyone has it because you do—but they don’t.  Millions of people love stories.  Thousands long to write them.  But they won’t, because they lack that one quality that separates the writer from everyone else, that pesky imagination. Writers don’t think of stories like everyone else.  We instantly see the ropes and …

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In January, I pick a word for the year. This is a practice of my friend Felicia Mason, one of the most dynamic women, and writers, I know.  She says focusing on one powerful word can lead to unexpected results.  She’s right. Last year, my word was Passion.  I strove to put passion into every facet of my life.  No, …

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Clawing Out Time to Write


I am one of the most disorganized people in the world.  I get alot done, but often with the smoothness of Taz, the Tasmanian Devil. My largest challenge is guarding my “writing” time.  This isn’t just time I spend in my office, but time I use to put words on paper. Years ago, I started writing from four a.m. until …

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The REAL Cathy Maxwell


My friend Tim Jungr always introduces the last speaker at WRW’s Writer’s Retreat.  It’s a tradition that has become one of my favorite parts of the conference.  He’s witty and wise, a fabulous writer (three Golden Heart nominations).  This year I was the speaker he introduced and he made me laugh so hard tears came to my eyes.  I asked …

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