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Maxwell’s Thoughts About Endings—

  I received a request for  general rules on how to end a good, loving story. Or any story for that matter. Although I HATE writing rules, here are my thoughts.   Good endings wrap up loose ends. All questions should be answered.  When I start your book, you and I have a pact: I’ll read to the end; you’ll tie …

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            I have an aged parent.  I’ve also been losing aged parents that I love very much for the past several years.             Worse:  I’m turning into an aged parent, and I don’t know how I feel about that. My goal is to live my life fully—but, you know, I’m slowing down.  Fortunately my sense of …

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The Men on Romance Covers . . . Yes, They are Real

“That is Paul Marron in your cover art,” she said holding up the inside cover illustration from IN THE HIGHLANDER’S BED—and that is how I was introduced to Sheree or, as she is better known on FB, S G-s Tieh. I love meeting people when I travel for events.  I adore my fellow romance readers.  We come from all walks …

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Busy, Busy

          I’m busy.   I’m writing plus preparing to head out for Avon Books’ first KissCon in San Rafael, CA.  The second will be the next day in Seattle, WA. But let’s face it, all of us are always busy.  Living a full life calls for connection with friends and family, with our hobbies and communities. Though sometimes …

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Five Things About Life I have Learned Writing Romance Novels


           I need to be around readers, especially those who love the Romance genre as much as I do. It is easy to trivialize what I do. Reading for pleasure in a world full of problems? Ha!             But then I connect with readers who value feeding the imagination, who believe reading makes their individual worlds …

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Veterans Keep Giving, Long After the Uniform is Retired

This was first published on www.foxnews.com 11/11/2014  Veterans keep giving, long after the uniform is retired: We represent every economic class in this country, every culture, and every race. We are teachers, accountants, police officers, and administrators. We serve as nurses, doctors, firefighters, lawyers, mechanics, electricians, barbers and hairdressers, therapists and technicians in every shape and form. We own small …

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Being Grateful for My Dreams

 I’m reading a lyrical, insightful book right now by the educator and poet Parker J. Palmer titled LET YOUR LIFE SPEAK: Listening to the Voice of Vocation.             Yeah, I know, that sounds heavy but it is actually a wonderful read during this Season of Gratitude when we take stock of the year we’ve lived.  What did we do right?  …

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Och! Ghosties and Ghoulies!


When my writer friends I went to Scotland, we spent the week in a cottage that was charming, and haunted.             Not all of us heard or saw the ghost.  Two did.  We thought they were whacky.  After all, the group as a whole makes up stuff for a living.  Why wouldn’t two of us be guilty of creating ghosts? Actually, …

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Writing Talk–Yes, There is a Way to Make This Easier

            I am a fan of Angela Hunt’s books on writing.  They are practical, clever ways of understanding how fiction works and how to speed up writing. Angela and I met once through our mutual friend Robin Lee Hatcher.  It was one of those chance meetings in the hotel hallways at a writers’ convention.  After …

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I Heart Book Signings!

I used to avoid book signings until I learned how fun they were with readers ready to have a good time.  Now I am a Reader Fan! (In Houston, TX with the wonderful Tessa Dare and the folks at Katy Budget Books)

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