About Cathy

I hail from Olathe, KS. I am a Kansan by nature–stubborn, loyal, independent. I spent twenty-eight years in Virginia or what I consider my spiritual home. Currently, I’m learning how to be a Texan. I moved to Austin where music and traffic reign. I have adapted well to the Southern way of life (although I’ll never be a good cook!)

My family is adult children off doing what makes them happy in the world, two dogs, and a host of friends. Life is good.

My favorite quote: From Debbie Macomber, “Attitude is the key . . . each one of us is as successful as we make up our minds to be.”

My most embarrassing moment? I have many. I’m gullible. If you have a good practical joke, I’m the one to play it on.

I would dress for a costume party as Wanda, the Good Witch. O to be perpetually pleasant! But notice that she didn’t put up with any nonsense from the Munchkins.

The most dangerous thing I have done is marry a man I’d known less than a month. He made me laugh (and looked good in uniform). Kevin passed away almost twenty-five years to date he asked me to marry him. It was a great marriage. We both enjoyed a good laugh and I respected his compassion and generosity of spirit, two qualities that wore well over time. I came across a card he’d given me years ago where he’d signed it “loving husband/muse.” He was right on the mark. I wish for each of you a lover who is caring, kind, and funny.

My favorite hideaway is St. Croix. I savor the sound of waves on the beach and the sight of a clear, starry sky in the dead of winter. I have not been back in a long time. Instead, I’ve traveled to other places in the world and yet it is St. Croix I miss.

You will never see me with my mouth closed.

My hobby is my friends and exercise. I like to move while sharing laughs and a few confidences. I also enjoy cooking classes. I’m an optimist about the cooking thing.

You would never believe that I’ve spent six years in the Navy. I worked in the Pentagon and did a tour with Naval Intelligence. I’ve also managed a watch factory, been a news broadcaster, and done costumes for local theater. Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy.

I started writing romance because I’d always wanted to write a book. While devouring Jennifer Blake’s FIERCE EDEN, I knew that this was the book I wanted to write.

What is the most important element to a romance novel? The characters. Strong characters can carry a weak plot, but weak characters can never carry a strong plot. The latter is like biting into a juicy apple and finding out it’s nothing but mush inside.

Please look for THE DUKE THAT I MARRY, to be released November 2018. It is the third book in my “Spinster Heiresses” series where couples learn you can marry money but you can’t always live with it . . . because that isn’t what life is about. The first book from the series was IF EVER I SHOULD LOVE YOU followed by IN THE BED OF THE DUKE (and boasts the most fun cover you have ever seen. All are from Avon/HarperCollins. On the horizon, look for a series that I am tentatively titling “Dangerous Women,” because we are.

"The Books You Love To Read. Three time winner of the Historical Love and Laughter award" - Cathy Maxwell