A Scandalous Marriage

Publisher: Avon Books
February 2000
ISBN-10: 0-380-80832-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-380-80832-8

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Description | Marriage Series

Every young lady of the ton knows the rules –never dance with the same man twice in a row, always walk attended…and never, ever get caught in a scandal. Because society can be cruel to those who break the rules…even to


Leah Carrollton had dreams of meeting–and marrying–the perfect man. Then a scandalous affair ended in abandonment, and she left London rather than face her disgrace. With no one to turn to, Leah ran away to the country. Abruptly Devon Marshall, Viscount Huxhold, strides into her life, enveloping her in his strong embrace and offering her a chance to recapture what she’d lost.

Heir to one of England’s most honorable titles, Devon has spent his life breaking the rules–and giving Leah and her fatherless child his name is just one more way to flaunt convention. But Devon discovers Leah tantalizes him as no other woman ever has, making him long for all the sweet bliss that marriage has to offer. But can a marriage made in scandal become a happily-ever-after affair?

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