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Grief and the Writer


We grieve over many things in our lives:  Loss of loved ones through death or divorce, loss of opportunities, loss of health, of youth, of hope . . .   Greif is dangerous ground for a writer.  We spend too much time in our heads thinking “what if?” All our emotions gather there as well. In fact, as storytellers, emotions …

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Three Things I Learned from Kathryn Falk, Lady Barrow and Founder of RT Magazine


May 18, 2018   What a great date, especially for big changes!   The rumors are true.  This will be the last RT Booklovers’ Convention. Kathryn Falk will go on to many other things. The woman  has a range of interests and big ideas are always percolating away inside her. Tonight, I’ve been asked to speak on what Kathryn has …

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