Good bye, Beautiful Richmond/Get Ready, Austin!


I’m moving from Richmond and to be honest, I’m a bit surprised I am. I love it here. I raised my children in this city. I’ve establishedimg_0985 myself and had a grand doing it.   I adore my house.


Of course, I knew that someday I’d move. The kids are no longer here. I’m pragmatic. The time would come when I was decrepit and senile and the kids would toddle me off to wherever.


But if I have learned one thing about life, it is that my angels have a sense of humor. And the only constant is change.

img_4383I’m now Austin bound waaaaay before I had ever imagined moving—and I am happy. I’m looking forward to a new dynamic community and I expect to have a great time because I’m not yet decrepit or senile (I hope!). I may start off among strangers but I have my son and his wife and my tribe of fellow booklovers. Plus, I have a new house that I know I will adore as much as the old one—especially once I get the bookshelves filled.


I’ll keep you posted as I make the big move.   There are challenges ahead. Maybe you can learn something from my adventures and I can benefit from your advice. Of course, the hardest part of the transition is leaving behind strong friendships, but then there is always Face Book.


Whatever happens, I’m re-discovering that a big life shake up is good for the soul.img_4374


  1. Eileen Putman
    Eileen Putman10-31-2016

    Sounds exciting! Virginia’s loss!

    • Cathy Maxwell
      Cathy Maxwell11-01-2016

      Thank you, Eileen. I love this state. I’ve had a great time. Will be interesting to see what Texas has in store.

  2. Julie Ortolon
    Julie Ortolon11-02-2016

    I was looking for a way to contact you and say, “Welcome to Austin,” but I can’t find an email. You’re going to love Austin. Very strong writing community.

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