Advice on Author Readings? Go!

It isn’t unusual for authors of other genres to read their work at book signings. However, in Romance, we haven’t done it that often until Hope Tarr, Maya Rodale, and others started Lady Jane’s Salon in NYC.

Now there are a host of Romance genre reading programs, many using the “Lady Jane” in the title, around the country. The first one I attended was in Brisbane, Australia and I was charmed. I listen to audio books and enjoy a smooth presentation. However, there is something about hearing the words as the author crafted them to put me in touch with the spirit of a book.


The Romance Dish’s PJ Ausdenmore with Tammy Falkner and D.M. Marlowe

Last week, I was at Lady Jane’s RDU in the Raleigh area. It was rainy night, perfect for a gathering of readers.
            I shared the stage—which was really a patio—with Deb Marlowe writing Young Adult as D.M. Marlowe. She read from EYE OF THE NINJA, a book with fantasy, action and adventure, and plenty of teen-age snark. Following her was Tammy Falkner reading from HOLDING HER HAND, a conteporary romance about a young woman with secrets and the deaf tattoo artist who longs to create a safe place in the world for her. Having grown up around a deaf community, I adored the way she caught their sense of humor, quick intelligence, and confidence.

Words have power and listening to an author read her own work opens my mind to the complexities of “story.” To how a good writer can place in my brain exactly what she wants me to hear and experience.


Me expounding. They made me use a mic. Can you believe it? I’m usually too loud.

But most important, the other night, I tapped into the joy of being with other booklovers. This is one place I can attend without knowing a soul and within minutes of walking in the door easily make new friends. We talk books. We share titles, opinions, author gossip, and tidbits about our own lives. This is my second year spending an evening with this gang and I hope to share a third.
If you have the chance to attend a Lady Jane Salon or a Reading Program where you live, do it. Goggle Lady Jane’s Salon and see if there is one near you. For folks in Dallas, Fresh Fiction has author meet and greets that I’ve enjoyed.


The fabulous Sabrina Jeffries came out to join us.

One of my goals for 2016 is to get a reading series started in Richmond and, maybe, the fates being willing, in my hometown of Olathe, KS. We shall see.

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