The Men on Romance Covers . . . Yes, They are Real

highlanders mm sb c“That is Paul Marron in your cover art,” she said holding up the inside cover illustration from IN THE HIGHLANDER’S BED—and that is how I was introduced to Sheree or, as she is better known on FB, S G-s Tieh.

I love meeting people when I travel for events.  I adore my fellow romance readers.  We come from all walks of life, every career, every social strata, every level of education and intelligence.  I had noticed S G-s Tieh’s posts on my FB page many a time so meeting her was a delight—especially to learn she admired the cover art of our books as much as I did.

And, she knew who the cover models were.

It became a game with us.  Paul Marron is one of her favorite models.  Sheree has a Pinterest site that shows him in many incarnations—shape-shifter, pirate lord, duke, motorcycle man, he is a model of choice for many artists.  I didn’t even realize he was the model in my HIGHLANDER’S BED cover art.  After all, the pic shows a strong nose, stronger shoulders, and blonde hair, but Sheree knew.

After that, we made a game of naming the models.  Sheree and I were at the first KissCon with over eight other authors and a mountain of romance novels.  “Oh, that is Thierry Pepin,” Sheree said.  “There is Nathan Kemp.  The woman is Laura Williams.”



So, I take great pleasure in introducing you to Sheree.  If you, too, are a fan of cover art or if one of those handsome blokes on our covers catches your eye, Sheree is a great resource for learning more.  You can follow her on Pinterest at  Go pay a visit.

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