Busy, Busy

IMG_3649           I’m busy.   I’m writing plus preparing to head out for Avon Books’ first KissCon in San Rafael, CA.  The second will be the next day in Seattle, WA.

But let’s face it, all of us are always busy.  Living a full life calls for connection with friends and family, with our hobbies and communities.

Though sometimes it is good to stop, unplug and do a bit of reflection.  Surprisingly, I find the internet helpful.  Words of wisdom land right in my inbox when I need them.  Funny how that works.

One of my current fave sites is James Clear.  He is a entrepreneur, weightlifter, and travel photographer who has great insights on changing habits and shoving folks out of the ruts that climb into.  It isn’t easy to keep a mind like mine focused!  Carla Neggers introduced me to him and Carla is one of the sanest people I know.  Check him out at

I’ve also made time to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Japanese professional organizer Marie Kondo.  I believe she may have changed my life.  Her philosophy toward organization is simple but has helped clear clutter from my office and my brain. $_35

One of her pieces of advice is only keep things in my life that spark joy.  Isn’t that a lovely idea?  Then she points out paper doesn’t spark joy.  She’s right.  I went at my office with a black trash bag.  I still have too much paper but I feel happier in the space.  Check her book out if you get a chance.

Here is hoping I’ll be seeing you at KissCon or in Brooklyn, NY!  I’ll be reading at Word Bookstore with Sarah Maclean on December 4, 2014.  Maybe you can join us?  We’ll have a great time.

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