I Set the Oven on Fire


No, not in the way of being an outstanding cook and creating delectable foods.  I mean literally.

I was broiling a steak when I noticed the the oven seemed very bright.  The brightness was flames.  All is well.  I threw flour on the fire and it went out.  Of course the alarms went off and the dogs are now nervous wrecks, but what is life without a bit of excitement?  And it was my fault.  I wasn’t paying attention.  However, now I have to think about purchasing a new oven, a task so daunting, I  feel like Eeyore.

Things have changed since the last time I purchased an oven–wait, I don’t think I have ever actually picked out an oven to buy.  They have all come in whatever house I bought.  My motto:  If it was good enough for the original house owner, it is good enough for me.

But now I must make a decision.  Convection?  Radiant?  Hybrid?  I’ve never used any of these method.  I’m confused and looking for help.  So, my happy readers, any advice?  Are you a fan of the new baking technology?  fb678fb4af2c342150390b6d8e5a4208


  1. Rowan Worth
    Rowan Worth06-05-2014

    Sadly, my criteria for new ovens tends to be “it has to be electric” (we don’t have gas lines in the neighborhood), it can’t be too expensive, and it needs to be big enough to hold a turkey.

    I’ve discovered I’m actually an Old Fogey when it comes to new cooking technology–when they say it cooks X (x= turkey, cake, roast, etc) in 1/3 the time of a conventional oven but only costs four times as much, I tend to go, “Yeah, sure…” and sidle away.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Michele Summers
    Michele Summers06-05-2014

    I’d go with gas all the way. Better control and more even cooking. Top of the line: Wolf, Viking, Dacor, Thermador (I think). But all brands have a gas option. GE, LG, Frigidaire all have nice ranges. I tend to stay in the middle regarding price; some of the lowest priced are too basic for me. I rarely use the fancy features but could be convinced if I thought it improved a dish. So exciting! I love buying new appliances! Good luck!

    • Cathy Maxwell
      Cathy Maxwell06-06-2014

      I shall try and tap into your enthusiasm, Michele. I could have gas but it would be from a propane tank. I think I’ll stick to electric.

  3. Tina Hairston
    Tina Hairston06-06-2014

    Cathy, just go with a standard gas or electric, no bells and whistle, stove/oven. Some of these things are because people want to save as much time as possible when cooking. I’ve heard some good thing about convection ovens but for my money, which isn’t much, you can’t go wrong with the an oldie but goodie standard. The only thing I’d do different is to have a double oven. I used to rent a room in a home that had one and I LOVED being able to cook different things at different temps at the same time especially during the holidays and in the summertime, using the smaller oven was a bonus because it kept the kitchen cooler.

    • Cathy Maxwell
      Cathy Maxwell06-06-2014

      Thank you, Tina. I keep talking to people who have the bells and whistles and continue to use the old range method. It would be nice to have a double oven.

  4. Victoria Passmore
    Victoria Passmore06-06-2014

    Whoa horsey! This is a big decision and the last thing you want to do is go to the store unprepared. They’ll start talking fast, waving shiny things in front of you and bringing your womanhood into question; before you know it you’ll fall for whatever gives them the highest commission. (Yes, they are commissioned sales people.) We have got to answer some questions to prepare you!

    What fits in your kitchen? If you don’t feel like remodeling, find out the answer to that one.
    How many people do you feed? Do you do the giant Turkey dinner thing often or only every few years? How many times a week do you even use it? Are you really a microwave girl? Etc.

    The people who say they don’t use the bells and whistle are sometimes the people who never learned to use them. Would you want to know everything about it or would it just be information overload to you? (I teach people how to use smartphones, I can assure you that the bulk of the population over 40 years old are intimidated by new technology. Don’t be one of them, it’s so unattractive.)

    Do you bake bread? If so, the ones with warming drawers are wonderful for rising dough.
    Do you broil enough to want a broiling drawer?

    Convection is just the addition of fans to even out the heat in the oven, generally things cook faster and don’t require rearranging. It’s a huge time and energy saver. When I lived places that didn’t have one, I really missed it. Ah, baked potatoes!

    Trivection adds microwaves to that mix to make things even faster. Personally, the fewer microwaves floating around my house, the better.

    Don’t be misled by the bigger is better mentality. The combination ovens may have smaller interiors but actually work better for the way you cook today. I love the smaller double ovens where I could have a cake baking at one temp and a small rack of lamb at another temp but not have heated the whole house with two full size ovens going.

    Don’t you have a researcher to do this for you? 😉

    • Cathy Maxwell
      Cathy Maxwell06-07-2014

      Victoria! Thank you! These are all excellent points. My appt. to go oven shopping is next Wednesday. Will report back!

    • Cathy Maxwell
      Cathy Maxwell06-07-2014

      However, why are you not a fan of the microwave? I have one. I use it for veggies and melting butter occasionally . . . but I’m wondering.

      • Victoria Passmore
        Victoria Passmore06-08-2014

        I love my microwave, just not the trivection. I use it the same way you do–veggies, melting stuff, reheating. I don’t know about combining it with my oven. I have a hard time seeing the value in that.
        Are you old enough to remember life before microwaves? I miss having pan fried leftover spaghetti or slicing off a lump of cold oatmeal to fry in butter. (Yes, I can make anything more fattening.)

        • Cathy Maxwell
          Cathy Maxwell06-09-2014

          Yup, Victoria, I am old enough to remember life before microwaves and vcrs, for that matter. We had more time back then. Every meal was home cooked because there weren’t that many restaurants.

  5. Cathy Maxwell
    Cathy Maxwell08-10-2014

    I’m an expedient cook after raising THREE children. 🙂 (One always feels left out!) And I have a new stove. I’m coming around to your philosophy that part of cooking is stuff going up in smoke.

    Thank you for including me on your favorite author list. It is an honor to be there. I also hope I never disappoint you.

    Hugs, Cathy

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