Romance Novels by the Numbers

Horse enthusiast and best-selling romance writer Cathy Maxwell dishes about her craft in the company of one of her four-legged friends. Video by Penelope M. Carrington/TImes-Dispatch.

She wheeled her car into the steep, narrow driveway, clutched the gearshift and eased it forward into park. She turned off the engine, let out a breath and relaxed for a moment, letting the soft, warm curve of the driver’s seat embrace her tensed body.

After a few moments, she opened the door and slid her boot-clad legs out of the car and into the biting cold Virginia morning. She inhaled a deep, almost painful, gulp of frigid air, closed the door gently and began walking toward the front entrance of the two-story house. She climbed the front steps and paused, momentarily startled by her reflection in the glass storm door. Pulling back the mitten top of a fingerless glove, she knocked gently and waited. Dark, shadowy movement burst into sight behind the door …

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