Holidays and PASSION


I want to talk to those of you who don’t have anyone to love.  The reasons are many:  you haven’t met “the one” yet, you broke up with someone who could have been “the one,” you divorced “the–used to be–one,” or like myself you’ve lost someone dear to you.

Christmas can be a tough time when you are alone.  And don’t get me started on St. Valentine’s Day or as I call it, “Singles Awareness Day.”  The holidays often emphasize what we feel we are lacking.

I have the antidote:  PASSION.

Yup, passion.

In this modern world, we forget that passion can be focused on something more than one person.  Passion also means having a desire, a will, a need to indulge in what pleases us.

Too often, we fall into the trap of allowing others to define what we should want.    I tire of people asking if I’m dating.  I’ve run out of snappy one-liners (although I’m always looking for new ones) to those who good-naturedly pry into my private life.  And  I will not stay home waiting for a mate before indulging all the passions in my life.

What makes the romance novel so entertaining is that we write about women who are doing something.  They aren’t waiting for their lives to start.  Whether set in corporate America or medieval England, books open when the smart heroine realizes that if her life is going to change, she’s going to have to make a plunge.  She can plunge into a new job, a wager with her friends, a masked ball, or an elopement–but she must do something and give it everything she has.

That’s true of us in real life.  My new passions are Zumba and cooking, along with my long time fascination with horses.  I indulge myself with tickets to a local speakers’ forum and revel in new ideas or spend an hour or more listening to the local symphony.  I adore my family and my children, but it is these new experiences that adds something extra to my week.  I’m living with passion and that excitement rolls over into all of my other activities.

The need to experience passion is also a theme in my writing.  HIS CHRISTMAS PLEASURE is the tale of a Spanish nobleman with a big dream and an English heiress who just might make his every wish come true.  Life really becomes interesting when we pursue our goals with everything we have.

So what about you?  What passions do you have in your life?  Are you dabbling in politics?  Studying a language?  Art?  Cooking?  Or are you planning a trip that has you so revved up you can’t wait?   Is there something you’ve longed to do but have held back?


  1. Sally Schoeneweiss
    Sally Schoeneweiss01-13-2011

    Totally agree with you, Cathy, about passion. Whatever it is, when you feel passionate about something–or someone–it lifts it out of the ordinary. When you write with passion it shows in the quality and depth of a book, especially His Christmas Pleasure.

    As for my own passions, right now seeing family and friends on an upcoming cruise and helping with several animal rescue organizations. Feels so good to help save a life.

  2. The Redhead Riter
    The Redhead Riter03-28-2012

    “Too often, we fall into the trap of allowing others to define what we should want.”

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Why is it that everyone thinks they know what is best for your life and yet, they don’t put into action their own advice? Drives me NUTS!

    “I tire of people asking if I’m dating. I’ve run out of snappy one-liners (although I’m always looking for new ones) to those who good-naturedly pry into my private life.”

    This is funny! Have you tried just laughing and not answering? I would lie and say something like……Oh yes, I go out with different guys all the time. Just last week I went out with Gerald, Paul, Todd and Alex. It was a lovely week. LOL They would know you were lying and after you did it enough times, they would stop asking!

    I was looking for redheads on the front of romance novels tonight for a blog post I’m writing and that’s how I found your blog. I just LIKED you on Facebook. I gotta snoop around to see if you are on Twitter. Nice to meet you!

    • Cathy Maxwell
      Cathy Maxwell03-28-2012

      Hey, Red–pleased to meetcha! Thanks for the LIKE. I’ll be snooping around your FB etc too!

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