Peru Trip


I can’t wait to return to Peru, and I shall. The cuisine is one of the best in the world and the people are welcoming, generous and kind. Plus my ties to Peru are growing—my daughter’s now engaged to a Peruvian gent, a true pearl of a man. Sharing with you photos of the Parque del Amor which attracts lovers. Lover is truly the one language all cultures understand. The park overlooks the Pacific and El Beso, a sculpture by Victor Delfin, is located there. On this Peruvian visit I also saw loads of llamas. There is a variety of crafts made from llama yarn. This is all llama yarn in the photo with me. The colors are earthy and rich. See the young man weaving at the heritage site. One thing that surprised me about Peru was the art. I expected pre-Columbian, and was not disappointed, but the vibrant colors, the scope and depth of styles, were a true joy.

The true glory of Machu Picchu is the setting. Incredible. And amazing to believe they built a city in this place. At the base of Machu Picchu is the Inkaterra Resort, a low carbon footprint resort which is one of the best I’ve ever visited Lovely tiled huts nestled into the mountains. Every hut had these bulls for good luck on the roof.

My last day in Lima, tired and happy. Had to have a Starbucks fix . . . before heading out to do some last minute shopping. We visited everywhere that day–the grocery store, clothing stores, souvenir stands, and, of course, another bookstore!


  1. Sally Schoeneweiss
    Sally Schoeneweiss10-02-2010

    Thanks for sharing this trip, Cathy!

  2. Delia Daza
    Delia Daza11-19-2010

    Thank you Cathy for sharing with us, I loved the pictures!

  3. GladysMP

    The picture is truly beautiful. I can’t believe the trouble they went to to put those curves in the curb.

  4. Cathy Maxwell
    Cathy Maxwell12-01-2010

    And notice their choice of trees. Very well designed.

  5. Sherry Morrill
    Sherry Morrill03-03-2011

    I hope on your return trip you will gather a group of family or friends and hike the wonderful Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu. You must first register and receive ‘tickets’ allowing you on specific days, and be sure to take lots of fluids, socks and pre-hike preparation like being in pretty good shape. My husband took our six sons [including 2 sons-in-law] on a never-to-be-forgotten trip a couple of years ago. Those boys were leaving wives behind from Thanksgiving to three days before Christmas and they were leaving 15 grandchildren with understanding mothers and grandmas. I am so glad for the wonderful bonding they had, the fun, the memories that can’t be replaced,……well, it’s something I highly recommend!

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