My Trip to India

My daughter spent a semester in the south of India. I met her for a walk about. Together we visited The Gate of India and the palace in New Delhi.

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Peru Trip

I can’t wait to return to Peru, and I shall. The cuisine is one of the best in the world and the people are welcoming, generous and kind.

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Be Fearless - Writing Advice

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“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”
Laurel and Hardy

My wonderful readers,

That statement sums up my world right now! All my fine travel plans for Spokane this September and KissCon Ohio in November are up in smoke. I fell off my horse a few weeks ago, proving once again the existence of gravity—and its impact on the human body. I’ll be fine. I will heal . . . but my travel plans have been put on hold.

I will still be at A Romance Yarn in Richmond in November because I won’t need to board an airplane to attend.

In the meantime, A DATE AT THE ALTAR releases on October 25th. This is the final book in the “Marrying the Duke” series. Will the haughty Duke of Baynton meet his “match?” You bet he will. I loved writing this book and hope you have just as much fun reading it.

Happy reading,

"The Books You Love To Read" - Cathy Maxwell