When Dreams Come True

April 2012 Re-Issue

The sea brought him a wife . . . but her past could take her away.

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The Seduction of Scandal

Scandals and Seductions Series

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My Trip to India

My daughter spent a semester in the south of India. I met her for a walk about. Together we visited The Gate of India and the palace in New Delhi.

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Peru Trip

I can’t wait to return to Peru, and I shall. The cuisine is one of the best in the world and the people are welcoming, generous and kind.

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Be Fearless - Writing Advice

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Hey, Max Packers—

I’m having a busy 2014. The first book of my “Brides of Wishmore” series is out in February. Actually THE BRIDE SAYS NO will be hitting shelves January 28th.

Then, the companion book THE BRIDE SAYS MAYBE follows with a February 25th release day. I know, they are back to back and I think you will be happy for that. Excerpts for both books are here.

Finally, THE GROOM SAYS YES will be out into the world in September ’14.

Yes, I am insane, but happily so. I love the Davidson clan. These are strong Scottish women who don’t hold back on opinions or on love. You know we are not so different today as we were then. What matters is family and finding that one person who understands you so well that when your eyes meet across the room, you know immediately what the other is thinking. Also, during these cold winter days, it is not a bad thing to have someone toasty beside you.

Watermill_BookstoreI set these books in Aberfeldy, a region of Scotland so lovely J K Rowling chose to have her home there. Yes, I drove by her estate but was not invited in for tea. However, I did enjoy an afternoon at the Watermill Bookstore. I adore visiting bookstores in other countries–and buying books, too. Those establishments always appreciate my visit. At the Watermill, I picked up a number of lovely Celtic fairy tale books. Dragons, demons, and talking animals . . . but no unicorns.

I’m doing a good deal of traveling Stateside, too. I’ll be in Connecticut, Arizona, and, of course, in my beautiful Virginia. I will also be making a trip or two to my beloved Kansas as well. Oh, yes, and Texas! I have a kid who has become a Texan. He fell in love with one, and as we all know, Texans don’t transplant well—so I’ll be trekking in that direction as well. You can keep up with my by checking my events page.

Stay warm and happy reading!

"The Books You Love To Read" - Cathy Maxwell