The Wedding Wager

July 2014 Reissue

A romance about a headstrong young lady determined to marry . . .

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My Trip to India

My daughter spent a semester in the south of India. I met her for a walk about. Together we visited The Gate of India and the palace in New Delhi.

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Peru Trip

I can’t wait to return to Peru, and I shall. The cuisine is one of the best in the world and the people are welcoming, generous and kind.

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Be Fearless - Writing Advice

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Hey there, Max Pack—

My life has definitely been “packed.” Lots of travel, lots of writing, books coming . . . plus a big change for me on the horizon.

Flanna_TheLawman_150First, Harlequin Books is digitally re-issuing a novella I wrote over a decade ago titled FLANNA AND THE LAWMAN. This is my one and only Western. I happen to like Westerns and Americana. Both of those subgenres are a bit out of style but who knows? I might bring ‘em back. (However, this is my warning to long time readers that you may have read this one.) FLANNA is in all e-formats.

The first of the “Marrying the Duke” series MATCH OF THE CENTURY will hit the shelves in late November. An as-of-yet untitled digital novella tied to the series will be out this September. I will pass on more info as we reach a consensus. My title for the novella is “Loving Jenny.” It is not going to survive the title test. We know there is a better one out there and, hopefully, it will make itself known to us soon. (I hate coming up with titles. Always a challenge!) Cover reveals will be on here and my Facebook page.

Fresh Fiction is going to have me back in Dallas! I’ll be one of the special guests at their Boas and Tiara’s event on Saturday, June 13. I always have a grand time with the Fresh Fiction gang. If you don’t know anyone in Dallas, or even Texas—you can show up at this event in a tiara and leave with a hundred book-lovin’ friends. Because that is how they roll at Fresh Fiction. You can learn more information at

And the reason I will be in Texas is that I am teaching a course on “World Building in Fiction: Creating Reality Out of Imagination” at the Writers’ Academy at West Texas A&M. I am one of a number of courses being offered June 8 – 12. The fabulous Jodi Thomas, a mainstay of the Academy, asked me if I would be willing to come on board and, of course, I said yes.

However, this is a departure for me. I’ve not taught a writing course before. I recently did a trial run for the Olathe Public Library and was asked to present the information this fall at a Kansas City writers’ conference, so I think I’m on the right track. However, the two hour workshop will not be as comprehensive as the one week course. World building is important in fiction. Once a story and group of characters capture readers’ imaginations, they don’t want to let go.

Please, treat yourself and join me and a host of wonderful writing instructors in Canyon, TX. If you have thoughts of writing, this will be a rewarding week. Check out all the course offerings at We will have fun. I promise.

I’ll put out the information on Kansas City’s Storymakers Midwest Writers Conference as I receive it. The event date is October 10.

All my best,

"The Books You Love To Read" - Cathy Maxwell