My Trip to India

My daughter spent a semester in the south of India. I met her for a walk about. Together we visited The Gate of India and the palace in New Delhi.

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Peru Trip

I can’t wait to return to Peru, and I shall. The cuisine is one of the best in the world and the people are welcoming, generous and kind.

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Be Fearless - Writing Advice

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Dear Max Fans—

Occasionally, a book is a joy to write. It flows. It rings true.

A DATE AT THE ALTAR is just such a book. I had a great time with these characters and in helping the Duke of Baynton find his way to a meaningful love. In THE MATCH OF THE CENTURY and THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL, he has come close to the altar, but now it is time for him to claim his duchess.

Of course he has this one pesky problem: he has yet to experience carnal knowledge, and wouldn’t a suitable bride expect that a man of his worldview and status to also be a leader in bed? Especially if she is the virginal innocent any duke would require in a proper wife?

His lack of know-how would seem to be a painless problem to remedy, except Baynton has never taken the easy course. The woman he chooses to help him with his “education” is one who has also made it clear she isn’t afraid to put even a duke in his place—the lovely Sarah Pettijohn. And need I remind you that she is not a fan of the mighty duke?

What follows as Baynton finds his way to becoming “a man” is my take on embracing what matters in our lives, on our willingness to take risks even if it means looking foolish, and on learning the hard truth that coasting through life is never enough—not for those of us passionate about living. Or who enjoy a good laugh.

By the way, my characters’ lives often mimic my own. One of the great challenges in life is change. I admit, I imagined myself always living in beautiful Richmond, VA. I’ve been very settled here. I raised my children in this town and have treasured friends. But now I’m moving to Austin, TX. It is a bit scary leaving what I know for a new community. Fortunately, I belong to a tribe of booklovers. I will meet new friends and enjoy exploring Austin. Besides, Baynton and I both know that a little shakeup is good for the soul.

If you want to know how I’m faring, check out my blog. I’ll keep you posted.

Happy reading,

"The Books You Love To Read" - Cathy Maxwell