My Trip to India

My daughter spent a semester in the south of India. I met her for a walk about. Together we visited The Gate of India and the palace in New Delhi.

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Peru Trip

I can’t wait to return to Peru, and I shall. The cuisine is one of the best in the world and the people are welcoming, generous and kind.

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Be Fearless - Writing Advice

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Dear Wonderful Readers—

I’m ready for 2020 and I hope you are, too!

HIS SECRET MISTRESS, the first book of “The Logical Man’s Guide to Dangerous Women” series is out the end of February. I adore Kate. She’s older and wiser than most Regency heroines, but she is not immune to being tricked by love—and pulling a few tricks of her own in return. After all, don’t we all have that one lover who lingers in the back of our minds? The one who “got away?”

And what is the Logical Men Society? Well, it is increasing smaller pool of bachelors who believe no man in his right mind would choose marriage. Women have a place in their lives, but they value their freedom and marriage is not on their minds . . . or so they think. In truth, doesn’t love bring us all to our knees at one time or another?

I hope you love HIS SECRET MISTRESS. And may 2020 be full of love and adventure for all of us!

All my best,

"The Books You Love To Read" - Cathy Maxwell